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General terms of use

Please, read the general terms of use (as of 21.10.2011, active on: 05.11.2011) before the use carefully, because these count to all transactions, with direct use of this internet page, as well as with use of all Subdomains as well as with use about other internet pages (on the left).

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Establishment Germany:
PushThePrice Limited
Manager: Thomas Michels
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PushThePrice Limited
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I. General conditions

§1 Auction portal
1. The internet page PushThePrice is an auction main entrance after the principle "Who offers less". This principle is known as reverse auction or craftsman's auction.

2. Announced users can open auctions to the acquisition of goods or services and catch up bids, as far as these do not offend against legal regulations, these general terms of use or against the good customs. An obligation to the examination by PushThePrice does not exist. However, with knowledge of law offense PushThePrice reserves itself to close the auction and to inform the responsible authorities.

3. The lowest bid receives the surcharge. The user who has delivered the lowest bid is called winner of the auction.

4. A user can open auctions (auction owners) as well as for auctions of other users bids deliver (bidder).

5. PushThePrice is free of charge.No fees or commissions attack it, neither for the adjusting of an auction, nor for offering and also not after ending of an auction.

6. PushThePrice is only a mediator and becomes by no means a contracting partner.

§2 Bases of the contract of use
1. PushThePrice is merely obliged to make available the main entrance to the use, as far as admit it a data check, assessment and the paying habits.

2. Temporary functional restrictions do not entitle to the assertion of compensation claims, to the decrease or finishing touches or on allowance of fees and other displays. This also counts to the occasional restriction of the server availability on account of necessary servicing work or to the case one of PushThePrice not to represented stream failure or net failure.

3. PushThePrice reserves the right to close the main entrance any time.

§3 Account
1. At first private or commercial persons announce themselves as a user with PushThePrice and receive a not transferable account.
With the registration the approval with these general terms of use occurs.
By the registration merely one contract about the use of the main entrance comes about between PushThePrice and the user..

2. Registrations are accepted only by natural persons of age or juridical persons in and foreign right. The proof of suitable register registration can be demanded of PushThePrice with juridical persons.

3. The entire and truthful name names, a postal address, a telephone number, a date of birth (in case of a juridical person of the sticking) as well as a valid e-mail address are to be given.

4. The user has to take care of the fact that his e-mail address is topical in his user profile and he to reach about e-mail. The communication between PushThePrice and the user as well as the users together (e.g., interrogative form) occurs exclusively about e-mail. E-mails to the user are not ulterior stored.

5. The e-mail address as a name is not sufficient.

6. With the registration the user chooses a not yet awarded user name and a password. The user name may not exist of an e-mail address, an internet address or a protected company sign or brand name, provided that to the guidance of such a brand name no authorization exists. PushThePrice reserves to require the proof of the authorization of the guidance of a certain company name in the case of doubt.

7. Commercial bidders are entitled to the delivery of orders only if a trade registration issued for this area or a necessary entry is in the craft role. PushThePrice can require in the interest of the auction owners the presentation of the tax harmlessness certificate.

8. PushThePrice reserves itself to exclude by suitable offense of the user either after previous caution, or by striking offense also before, from the main entrance. PushThePrice undertakes to ask user in no form for passwords and to publish data only to authorities entitled moreover, provided that the publication is required.

9. PushThePrice assures that personell related data are not transmitted for advertising purposes into three parts.

10. PushThePrice stores no account information or credit card information of the users. After successful end of an auction the necessary data exchange the auction owner and the winner of the auction together to the payment, if this is necessary..

11. With the registration with PushThePrice user PushThePrice allows to send news of other users as well as news of PushThePrice even (changes of the system, news character) by eMail.

12. If user wouldn´t like to use PushThePrice in future, he can deactivate his user finally. Nevertheless, there are some conditions necessary:

  • For his user no auctions may own the status "actively" that calls all his auctions must be finished or be extinguished.
  • With his users may not have been delivered bids on auctions of other users, who are still active at that time and his bid is the lowest bid at the moment.
  • For his user may not exist successful auctions (with at least one bid) which has come to an end less than 30 days ago. This serves is the possibility of the auction owner and the auction winner to take up contact with the user other in each case.
If all these conditions are fulfilled, the user can cancel user finally in his user area with the menu point "deactivate the user" .
The user is responsible for his deactivation of a user. Email is not expressly sufficient in PushThePrice.
The user accept hereby ecplitiely that with the deactivation of his user his private data and the content created by him (auctions, articles, questions, ...) will not be deleted physically but will be marked with a deactivation flag.

§4 Principles for auctions
1. With PushThePrice are opened excluding auctions to the acquisition of a product / service. (so-called purchase requests, advertisings)

2. Opening of auctions with the intention to sell a product or to offer a service is prohibited. PushThePrice reserves itself to close auctions with such sales intentions without previous registration. Should a user open repeatedly auctions with sales intention, PushThePrice reserves itself the right to close this user.

3. Opening an auction is obliging. If a bid on the auction is delivered and the qualities of the offered product / service with agree in the auction to given ones or are even better, this obliges of the auction owner to the purchase.

4. The information of an email address, telephone number, internet address or an other possibility of the establishment of contact in the auction description is prohibited to allow fair trade. This also counts to the contact form for sending of a question to the users.

5. As soon as a bid on an auction was delivered, this can not be changed or be extinguished.

6. As long as a product / service is included in an auction, a user to the owner of this auction may no product / services of comparable kind and goodness on other way, offer, e.g., by e-mail, unless he delivers it in form of a bid on this auction. This also counts after the term of the auction.

7. Users may not manipulate the course of the auction by the delivery of bids under use of an other user or by the specific intercalation of a third. In particular it is prohibited the auction owner during the auction term from delivering even bids on the auctions opposed by him.

8. PushThePrice takes over no liability for wrong or incomplete information, write errors or by mistake twice or wrong opposed auctions. In this respect the auction owner sticks only.

9. The auction owner decides by the opening of an auction who takes over the forwarding expenses. For the choice stand:
a) Bidder takes over forwarding expenses (incl. possible COD charge) or
b) Auction owner takes over forwarding expenses (incl. possible COD charge)
Should the auction owner b) choose, he should go in the description with given, how much he takes over at most in postage.

10.Around fair trade is to be allowed the information of a telephone number, eMail or internet address in the auction description as well as on questions and answers to an auction does not permit!

11. References to other auction sites, other advertisement or second-hand platforms (also private) or other prize comparison sides in the auction description are not permitted to influence the course of an auction not negatively.

12. Auctions must be put in a thematically fitting category.

§5 Forbidden auctions
1. For auction owners as well as for bidders it is forbade to let provide goods or services above the main entrance which offend against legal regulations or the good customs, as well as without necessary public law approval, covered to the bidder.

2. The observance more public law and more social-juridically, as well as finance-juridical regulations is not checked on the part of PushThePrice. The check is incumbent upon the respective contracting partner.

3. The use of PushThePrice is forbade for advertisement of every kind, unless she is allowed or inadmissible.

4. The respective bidder is responsible for the observance of fee orders, as far as these least amounts intend, as well as for legal prize connections. The disregard can give occasion to an anytime barrier. PushThePrice meets in this respect no supervision or examination duty.

§6 Taking back of an auction
1. The extinguishing of an auction on which still no bid was delivered is possible any time.

2. Untimely finishing of an auction on which a bid was delivered is allowed only in special cases and to apply with sufficient grounds by mail in . The user with the lowest bid must agree to the deletion of the auction. The approval of the user is caught up by PushThePrice.

3.A falsification of the auction for this purpose is to be omitted. PushThePrice takes over no liability for any expenditures of the bidder.

§7 Delivery of bids
1. With the delivery of my bid the bidder expressly, that he explains the product standing to the auction or service
a) with the described qualities or better
b) for bid price given by him sell will (deliver) or explain,
that he has delivered the lowest bid at the end of the auction and is therefore the winner of the auction.

2. The delivery of a bid is obliging and obliges to the sales, if the offering has received the surcharge at the end of the auction.

3.The deliver bid price gets on as a final price including of the respective legal value added tax.

4. If the bidder liked to offer a similar product / to service by a bid or he is not sure whether the product to be offered / service with the auction description agrees, the user should take up contact with the auction owner with the help of the contact form and take the consent for the order.

5. The auction owner decides by the opening of an auction who takes over the forwarding expenses. For the choice stand:
a) Bidder takes over forwarding expenses (incl. possible COD charge) or
b) Auction owner takes over forwarding expenses (incl. possible COD charge)
Should the auction owner choose b), he should go in the description with given, how much he takes over at most in postage.
The bidder should take into consideration this with the delivery of his bid.

§8 Realization of a contract
With the adjusting of an auction and the surcharge for an auction a contract comes about between auction owner and bidder and the bidder who holds the lowest bid within the auction period receives the surcharge. A juridically obliging contract originates in this respect only between the users, not about or with PushThePrice.

§9Data exchange
1.By completion of the contract between two users PushThePrice informs of the data necessary to the establishment of contact, however, takes over no liability for wrong, incomplete information, write errors or by mistake twice or wrong opposed auctions. In this respect the auction owner sticks only.

2. It is forbade to users to transmit the data of the respective contracting partner indifferently with which motive or for which purpose, excluded the contracting partner agrees before in writing to the passing on of the data.

§10 Assessments
1. The users are obliged together to convince themselves before completion of the contract of the correctness of the given data independently. PushThePrice furnishes an assessment system with which the dependability of other users should be valued. Only the assessments which refer to the use of PushThePrice are admitted. Wrong assessments justify an immediate final barrier.

2. Assessments are to be held objective. Unobjective assessments and insults justify a temporary, in the repeated case a final barrier.

3. The assessments, which do not stand with the contract winding up in the direct connection are forbade. In case of faulty assessment the right of discussion under private law is left to the users expressly.

4. PushThePrice does not check the assessments expressly.

§11 Questions
1.The function "questions to the auction" can be used by the auction owner and by the bidder to clear lacks of clarity for a topical auction.
The auction owner can require in the auction description that before delivery of a bid the offered article with the interrogative functionality is described and is caught up before delivery of a bid his agreement for this article.
The information done in it is obliging for both sides.
All users see questions and answers to an auction below the auction!

2. The function"questions to the profile" can be used by the auction owner and by the bidder to clear lacks of clarity to the profile of the user.
It may not be used to clear questions to a running auction or to meet price agreements there these questions for other users are not visible.
The information done in it is obliging for both sides.
Questions and answers to a profile see only the questioning or answering user!

3. Around fair trade is to be allowed the information of a telephone number, email or internet address neither in a question or in an answer permits!

§12 Blockage and notice
1. By injury of legal regulations, right third, to these general terms of use or with concrete suspicion of the attempt of punishable actions PushThePrice reserves to close user provisionally or finally.

2. A final barrier occurs in case of repeated negative assessments, with manipulation of own auctions, e.g., through delivery of an bid with a second user, by use of wrong or incomplete addresses (in particular of the email address), in case of inadmissible transference of an account or with abuse of suitable achievements, or abuse of the news function as a request on the direct business deal, self-advertising or request on the establishment of contact for the purpose of avoidance of PushThePrice.

3. A user who disposes of several user accounts can be also closed concerning these user accounts.

4. A notice of the contract of use is possible by the user without information of reasons, not, nevertheless, during a not yet unwound auction with another PushThePrice user. (how under §3. Sharp 12 described)

5. A notice of the contract of use is also possible any time by PushThePrice itself.

§13 Fees
PushThePrice is free of charge. No fees or commissions attack it, neither for the adjusting of an auction, nor for offering and also not after ending of an auction.

II. Liability

§1 Liability exemption
1.The user releases PushThePrice from all claims which can be asserted on the part of other users or third beneficiaries against PushThePrice because of possible law breakings, namely concerning opposed auctions, which contents, representation as well as the suitable assessment. The user takes over, on this occasion, also the costs of the necessary legal defense from PushThePrice including all court and lawyer costs.

2. Should PushThePrice be taken up anyhow on compensation, the user takes over all compensation claims including the costs of necessary legal pursuit for all admitted authorities in the inside relation.

§2 Restriction of liability
Compared with users PushThePrice sticks only for damages in case of the intention or coarse carelessness and an any fault of an employee or companion can be even added in this circumference PushThePrice. Otherwise no liability for the substitute of immediate, indirect damages, in particular not exists for escaped profit and other expenditures. In addition, compared with enterprisers PushThePrice even sticks on the damage typically predictable by completion of the contract. This counts regardless of the legal position of the user.

§3 Change these general terms of use, severability clause
PushThePrice reserves to change these general terms of use any time and without naming of reasons. The changed conditions are sent to the users by e-mail at the latest two weeks before her introduction. If a user of the validity of the new general terms of use does not contradict within two weeks after receipt of e-mail, the changed general terms of use count as accepted.

Provided that a regulation these general terms of use is ineffective, the remaining regulations of it remain untouched. The ineffective regulation counts as by such substitutes which comes to the sense and the purpose of the ineffective regulation in legal-effective way economically most near. Same counts to possible regulation gaps.

§4Legal venue
Legal venue is Mainz.

§5 Communication
The explanations between the users and PushThePrice occurs basically on electronic way by e-mail. Written form is allowed and the postal address as well as the e-mail address of a user is to be updated by this. The postal address known last in each case or e-mail address counts to PushThePrice.

§6 No caution without previous contact
Should the contents or the presentation of these sides injure foreign right third or legal regulations, we ask for suitable news without cost mark. The removal of a protective right-injury possibly going out from these sides by protective right-owners may occur not without approval. We guarantee that the rightly complained passages are immediately removed or are corrected, without from your side the intercalation of a legal adviser is necessary. Still from you without previous establishment of contact released costs we will reject full-extensively and submit if necessary countercomplaint because of injury of precalled regulations. Many thanks for your understanding.